[.NET@noon] 'Implement Authorization for ASP.NET Web API' by Gopi Iyer at BTS on November 20th, 2014 sponsored by BTS

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Implement Authorization for ASP.NET Web API.

Learn techniques on how to secure your Web API using Token based authorization and API Key. 

Gopi Iyer

Gopi is an IT Engineer with 15+ years of experience.He specializes on ASP.NET, C#, REST and MVC. Currently he is focused on implementing security solutions for Applications & Web APIs and integrating them to provide Single Sign On experience. He enjoys sharing his expertise in User Group Meetings and with the students at DMACC. In the spare time, he keeps his mind busy with learning new technologies and playing with his 2 year old son.

Berkley Technology Services (BTS)

3840 109th St

Des Moines, IA 50322

11:45 AM - 12 PM: Arrive, sign-in

12:00 PM - 1 PM: Free Food Soda / Announcements, Presentation


We are an Information Technology Solutions provider for W.R. Berkley Corporation and its subsidiaries. Our mission is to provide world class service for a common set of insurance systems and the technology support around them. By providing centralized support for these transactional systems we enable the W.R. Berkley companies to provide differentiating insurance products that are unique to their specific markets. We accomplish this by implementing "best of breed" solutions and focus on integrating systems into an overall insurance processing suite. .


Founded in 1995, QCI has grown to be one of the largest, Iowa-based, technology consulting firms, one client at a time. There is no secret to our success. We simply hire the best people and support a culture that is obsessed with delivering excellent service to our clients. In QCI, our clients have a partner that is large enough to provide highly skilled consultants across a wide area of expertise. Our dedication to client service has resulted in a long term relationships through which we understand that placing the interests of our clients first is the key to being a trusted partner.

For more information, visit http://www.qci.com

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